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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

November 23, 2010 By 2 Comments

Did your kids just get out of school for Thanksgiving break and they are already glued in front of the TV? If you want to get your kids stimulated and hands on, get them active by participating in a few Thanksgiving arts and crafts. Grab your kids and art supplies and get creative. After completing your Thanksgiving crafts display them around the house for guests to admire.

Turkey Handskids thanksgiving craftUse markers to decorate white gloves with turkey feather designs. Glue on felt on the palm for the wings and an eye button on the thumb for the eye.

Place Cardskids thanksgiving craftGather paper, markers, crayons and other craft knick knacks and let your little one write the names on place cards to be set at the dinner table

Simple Snackkids thanksgiving craftCombine snack time and crafts by spreading vanilla icing on a cracker and decorating with a chocolate kiss and candy corn in the design of a turkey.

Fan Leaveskids thanksgiving craftCut out leaves from colored construction paper and fan fold. Attach pipe cleaners and use them for decoration.

Wild Turkeykids thanksgiving craftHead outdoors and allow your kids to gather items from nature to create a turkey.

Be sure to take pictures of your crafts and share them with us on our Real Kids Shades facebook page at

Images from BHG.

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  1. S.C. says:

    Great craft ideas. More directions would be nice. Very vague!

  2. Lynda says:

    Hi S.C. – Thanks for commenting. You can click the link at the bottom of the post to visit the Better Homes and Gardens website for further directions. Enjoy!

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